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On the threshold of perceptions

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On the threshold of perceptions

Fabrizio Ruggiero's work takes form in the field of symbolic images, where nature cannot be reduced to fundamental unity (elements) but can be understood by searching for the coherence of each of its components both within themselves and amongst each other.

Reality presents itself as a complex intertwining or net of connections that makes up an integrated whole and the connections within the net are in consensus with our language. There is actually nothing that sustains this net, only the links of reciprocal interdependence give it its cohesion, balance and solidity and the act of observation itself influences its results.

Contemporary man, aware of the scenario in which his actions take place, cannot but focus his attention on the threshold of his perceptions and turn his consciousness towards the understanding of the connective structure...

Out of this way of thinking Fabrizio Ruggiero's work flows in many different streams, but in the background they all share the same thesis: painting as « act » or « action » at the end of which a trace or mark is left, the work, whose value is not only important for what it expresses in itself, but also for the process and the ways by which it was brought to accomplishment. And this process is both mental and physical: sometimes implying thought sometimes stillness of mind. Recently Fabrizio Ruggiero has been paying special attention to the comprehension of the process through which reality is understood as a net of relationships, to form an interconnected net of different perspectives. Perspectives that are sometimes widened, sometimes restricted in a labyrinth of possibilities by creativity but that perhaps can also be useful in understanding the way by which the mindfulness or its lack transforms observed phenomena and different perspectives on transcendent reality through the different means that are right for painting and sculpture as a discipline.


Rome, Oct.2006