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A select number of fine art prints are available for sale in small limited-edition structures and sizes.
The fine art prints are divided in four sections:

The prints are nicely packed in an elegant folder and can be shipped as present.

For enquiries regarding available print editions, please contact: fabruggiero@gmail.com

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A special highlight in Fabrizio Ruggiero fine art prints is the series named " TORSOS", a result of his last journey in South East Asia inspired by Khmer Art. In this deeply personal work, an exuberant atmosphere intermingles with the implicit frisson of nudity, and while playfully amorous, the dynamics never slip into the obscene or pornographic. These images are abstracted timeless body landscapes, mere forms: "Torsos".





Artists Portraits is a collection based on Fabrizio Ruggiero’s paintings for the "The transformative Power of Art” exhibit at United Nations Visitors Lobby in New York.
The 16 portraits represent artists from all continents who, during their lifetime, contributed to the common good of humanity in one way or another and have transformed the way we think.


Buddha’s Smile is a series of fine art prints inspired by Buddhas’ statues in temples of Laos. Fabrizio Ruggiero was deeply impressed by arrays of Buddha’s statues along the walls in temples cloisters. Statues apparently all the same, nevertheless all different each other at a deeper sight. They bear the signs of the passed time which, emphasizing the differences, makes them even more unique.


J A R A I S - H E A D S

The heads portraied in these prints are inspired to the wooden sculptures of Jarai people or Jarais, an ethnic group in Vietnam's Central Highlands. Jarais means "People of the Waterfalls or People of the Flowing River". Although Cambodia and Vietnam have clear laws to respect and protect the indigenous territories, the law is not applied and powerful individuals and groups profit it to their benefit evicting the Jarai communities of their ancestral lands. These wooden scolptures bear the signs of the passed time which makes them even more unique.



Fabrizio Ruggiero has always been fascinated by the idea that the artwork is a concrete and pure expression of harmony with the precise function of generating fields of energy, rhythms and sequences of colours.
A thought by Ludwig Wittgenstein with reference to language, expressed in Philosophical Investigations, seems appropriate to describe his way of observing: «We see a complex net of likenesses that are overlapping and crossing. Sometimes a general similarity, sometimes a likeness of details. I am not able to formulate a better expression to characterize these similarities of Family Resemblances».


For enquiries regarding available print editions, please contact: fabruggiero@gmail.com