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«Atapi Sampajano Satima »

Atapi Sampajano satima,

Installation. 2000

Atapi sampajano satima is a recurring expression in Pali Texts, which in ancient Buddhism deals with development of awareness.

A good translation could be: « Ardently, fully aware and attentive.

To remain sampajano, one must be aware of the arising and passing away of phenomena objectively observing mind and matter without reaction. The experience of Sampajano dissolves the illusion through which we perceive the world as divided into split things and feel ourselves as separated units.

Recent developments in the scientific field tend to consider the world as an ensemble of inseparable interacting components, and man is part of this system. This idea of the world finds many correspondences into a philosophy as old as Buddhism, where unity and interdependence of all phenomena and the intrinsically dynamic nature of the Universe are fundamental themes, that is Universe as continuous fluxus.

Atapi Sampajano satima installation is formed of four elements:

Sabbakayapatisamvedi assasissami - Feeling the whole body in one breath I shall breath in.

Sabbakayapatisamvedi passasissami - I shall breathe out feeling every part of the whole body.

Samudayavayadhammanupassi - Observing the forming and passing away of the contents of the mind

Ajjhaattabahidda va dhammesu dhammanupassi viharati -Observing the mental processes as processes both from outside and inside.

If a structure of images express an ensemble of tendencies that will then materialise in artwork, it is obvious that, the artworks themselves will also be informed. That is they will mirror in some way the imaginative axis that produced them.



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