« Bangaya » or « Released Human Being »

An empty, negative frame, "The released human being".

The sculpture through the symbolic image embodied in it, wishes for the dissolution of the structure of the conditioned mind that besieges Human Beings at the beginning of the new millenium. It envisages our awareness as whole and free from the conditioning of socio-political, economic and religious norms.

Observing the continuous change of natural phenomena through the empty frame of the sculpture, it is possible to notice how the process of awareness and understanding is not of a world existing by itself. Rather, observation continuously generates the world.

The empty moulding of "Released Human Being" is a symbol of the transformation of one's reality toward spiritual truth through the constant, clear awareness of the impermanent nature of phenomena.


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« Bhangaya in a lawn»

« Monumenal Bhangaya in Bellevue»