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Icastic Portrait of Ginny G. with a pearl earring

Fresco with sand, plaster and coccio pesto on a mounted board.

Earring with mother of pearl and gold leaf.

Cm. 112 x 112 = 44 x 44 inches






A Contemporary Fresco Portrait often starts with a photographic image. It can be a picture specially shoot for the occasion or from a different source.





Whenever possible there is a session of hand–made sketches.  Images are elaborated and then resulting in two or three sketches and out of them will be chosen the one for the fresco painting.





Once the client has chosen her/his favorite sketch, further studies to improve the quality of the final painting are made.



In this case special attention was given to the "cut" of the image  and the background color.


work in progress


The earring is of real mother-of-pearl set in the fresco plaster with 22k gold leaf.





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